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News flash: Scientists discover the minimum dose

In attempting to explain the nature of homoeopathic medicine one often comes to a standstill with so called “scientific types”. Even if they grant the possibility of the idea of “like cures like” they tend to baulk at the notion of the minimum dose and especially the immaterial (dynamic) dose. Homoeopaths have hoped at some golden day in the future that Science, with its accessibility to sophisticated technology, would be able to measure these infinitesimal amounts. It would be gratifying to demonstrate the use of the minimum dose in conjunction with the law of similars which results in dramatic improvements in health.

It was exciting to read  in Time magazine special report: “The Perils of  Plastic” by Bryan Walsh, April 12th 2010, that ...... “as bio-monitoring improved - we can now detect human exposure levels as small as one part per trillion, or about one-twentieth of a drop of water in an Olympic-size swimming pool.”  and  “... scientists learned that some toxins could harm at extremely low levels.”

Americans are “awash in a sea of synthetics.” BPA (bisphenon A and phthalates - key ingredients in modern plastics) are present in 93% of surveyed Americans over the age of six.  Not only are the more obviously poisonous pesticides and industrial toxic metals found in our blood and urine, but chemicals that are used to make everything from baby bottles, tvs, food and beverage containers, shower curtains, to fire retardants and polyurethane foam etc., have a way of finding their way into the environment and into all living organisms, including people. Children (and unborn foetuses) are particularly susceptible to environmental hazards. BPAs and other chemicals can mimic hormones in the bodies of animals and humans and can result in health problems as widely diverse as obesity, mammary cancers, reduced sperm count, male genital and urethral defects, and neurobehavioral problems.

We should not be mistaken thinking that America is the only place in jeopardy from chemical pollution. Government safety standards and industrial environmental standards fluctuate throughout the world. What was considered safe in the 1970s is now known to be dangerous. Knowledge of the interaction of different chemicals is also noticeably unexplored. Nor should we be naive about the profit motive of trade. The impact of chemicals on modern life has become endemic in the short span of a hundred years. Nearly everything we buy, sell and use depends on chemicals. Industrial pollutants have a profound impact on health.

Changing this would be nothing short of revolutionary. Homoeopathy has a place in the revival of people’s health. It has been established that infinitesimal doses of a chemical can cause harm. Homoeopathy has worked with infinitesimal doses for over two hundred years, improving peoples health and revitalising their life energy. We need to update our understanding of health. It is primarily a matter of life energy, the balance of which is a delicate thing. We have to have a more respectful approach to Nature as well. The continuous poisoning of our environment hurts us more than we know. There is a groundswell for change but we have a long road ahead. Adding more heroic doses of chemical medicines to systems already suffering is adding fuel to the fire. There are another ways.
Pam Muller Dip.Hom.Med. Reg IHM
Classical Homoeopath