News flash: Scientists discover the minimum dose

"...we can now detect human exposure levels as small as one part per trillion, or about one-twentieth of a drop of water in an Olympic-size swimming pool.”  and  “... scientists learned that some toxins could harm at extremely low levels....” more
Dr. Nel's mystery; allopathy stumbles upon the law of similars.

"...For five years he’d been in a coma, unable to move voluntarily or make any sound. A nurse and his mother became worried because he had been pulling at the foam of his mattress with uncoordinated movements of his one hand. To relax his hand movements, the busy doctor casually suggested that she give him a sleeping pill that he had prescribed previously for her insomnia. She did so.

What happened next astonished them...." more
What does 'homoeopathy' mean?

"...People are sometimes disappointed when they use a remedy which says on the label, "for teething troubles in infants” or “ for flu symptoms.” Here is the crux of the matter. The dynamic remedy will not act homoeopathically until it is used according to the Law of Similars...." more
Pride and Prejudice.

"...Men who, ahead of their time with ideas like these, were considered to be talking nonsense, and regarded with contempt by the established medical community of the day...." more
Considering the question of side effects of prescription and recreational drugs?

"...More than 10% of hospital beds in UK and Ireland are taken up by patients who are suffering from side effects of prescribed drugs.

This prompts many question...."more
Self help - winter colds and flus - from my article in Feel Well Health Directory, November 2011

"...Why do we become vulnerable to colds and flu, especially during the winter months? What is going on with our immune systems? What can we do to help?..." more