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News flash: Scientists discover the minimum dose

It was exciting to read  in Time magazine special report: “The Perils of  Plastic” by Bryan Walsh, April 12th 2010, that ...... “as bio-monitoring improved - we can now detect human exposure levels as small as one part per trillion, or about one-twentieth of a drop of water in an Olymic-size swimming pool.”  and  “... scientists learned that some toxins could harm at extremely low levels....”

Dr. Nel's mystery; allopathy stumbles upon the law of similars.

Sky DMAX showed a programme about a young man, Louis Viljoen who had been hit by a truck while riding his bike in Springs,  South Africa in 1994. The case was mentioned in The Homoeopathic Review, Autumn 2006 copy.

For five years he’d been in a coma, unable to move voluntarily or make any sound. A nurse and his mother became worried because he had been pulling at the foam of his mattress in uncoordinated movements of his one hand. To relax his hand movements, the busy doctor casually suggested that she give him a sleeping pill that he had prescribed previously for her insomnia. She did so.

What happened next astonished them. After twenty five minutes the young man woke up for the first time since his accident....

What does 'homoeopathy' actually mean?

Many people who self-prescribe homoeopathic remedies are familiar with the idea of ‘like cures like’. But I would like to to clarify a few points about what exactly homoeopathic means.

When a medicine is prepared by successive steps of dilution and succussion in accordance with Hahnemann’s method to the standards of modern medicine, and different potencies are run up, the substance is now classified as a 'dynamic' preparation. This is the sort of remedy you may buy at some chemists and health food shops. Usually the potencies available are 6x, 6c and 30c. Higher potentised remedies ought to to be prescribed by a qualified homoeopath.

People are sometimes disappointed when they use a remedy which says on the label, "for teething troubles in infants” or “ for flu symptoms.” Here is the crux of the matter. The dynamic remedy will not act homoeopathically until it is used according to the Law of Similars...

A new way of understanding health.

....In around 1831-1832 a cholera epidemic swept across Europe. Dr. Hahnemann was was instrumental in producing both cures and prophylactic  (preventative) remedies for diseases like scarlet fever and cholera which saved the lives of thousands of people in an age before intravenous re-hydration or inoculation. He  also wrote about the importance of the first line of defense against disease, vis. town planning, sanitation, hygiene, isolation and disinfection in epidemics. The introduction of sanitation in UK in Victorian times stopped cholera in its tracks.
So why did the established orthodoxy of his day not adopt his discovery?

What does "side effects" mean?
What does "side effects" mean?

More than 10% of hospital beds in UK  and Ireland are taken up by patients who are suffering from side effects of prescribed drugs.

This prompts many questions: How well do doctors know the drugs they prescribe? How often do they report cases of “side effects?” Do the pharmaceutical companies know the effects of their drugs before they market them? How are drugs tested? What happens with poly pharmacy (use of several different medicines at the same time)? and What exactly are side effects? In this article I would like to focus mainly on the last question.......

Article - Kenmare News January 2007 - Homoeopathy- a brief explanation

Winter, and again coughs, colds and sore throats bother us. We have our favourite symptom relieving cures, hot toddies, echinachea drops, vitamin C, and non-prescription drugs. In an effort not to get sick, we are seeing people making more life style changes; moves towards natural good foods, exercise, not smoking etc.
Homoeopathy can treat disease, both acute and chronic when it occurs, but it also offers the chance of protecting a person's health...