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Newsletter from The Homoeopathic Clinic        Summer 2011
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Panic Stations! Beware bean sprouts!!

Recent events in Germany sent waves of panic all the way to Russia. Imports of all European fresh vegetables were put on hold to that country.  Spanish cucumber farmers were put out of business temporarily. Protesters dumped quantities of perfectly good fresh crops in front of government buildings.

What  prompted  such behaviour?  The fearful invisible culprit turned out to be a new and improved e-coli bacteria, allegedly engendered on some sprouted beans. Did it originate in the beans themselves or the water or water pipes used to rinse them? Whatever, it dangerously affected people’s blood and kidneys and some people died.

When it comes to bacteria, we need to know that the type of bacteria which are malevolent (to us) are relatively small in number, while the vast majority are either benign or helpful to us, e.g. without some of them in our gut we would not be able to digest food or manufacture some vitamins like vitamin K.

When we poison them with antibiotics we not only deprive our systems of useful bacteria, we challenge their long term survival. Let us remember they have been in the business of overcoming chemical attacks by other bacteria for millennia. They brilliantly adapt their chemistry, emitting even stronger toxins. What we need to understand is that bacteria are past masters at surviving. After all they have been instrumental in the organic evolution of our planet. Without micro organisms we would never have had breathable air and complex organic life as we know it would not exist. They were here long before us and one can only speculate that they will be here long after to do their job of cleaning up. Why wouldn’t they use their wiles to side-step our attempts to kill them?

What can the result be of this on human health? The W.H. O. (World Health Organization) blames the overuse of medicines, antibiotics especially, for creating new generations of superbugs which are implicated in a resurgence of diseases like TB,  MRSA and other hospital bugs. We saw the effects of the adapted e-coli in Germany. Our immune systems can adapt to resist germs but it takes time. Bacteria will always be ahead of us because they multiply so rapidly. It’s a generation race we cannot win. What can we do about it?

What we can do is to support our immune systems. Every living organism has Life Force that animates every cell. When life force is strong and circulating throughout the system the body’s defense mechanism functions as it should and the organism remains in good health. Bacteria only increase in numbers when cellular chemistry is impoverished or polluted or when life force is sluggish or weak.

Homœopathic medicine has been keeping life force in order for well over two centuries. Dr. Hahnemann and others could successfully treat people’s life force affected by serious bacterial infections, like cholera, typhus, pneumonia and scarlet fever even before these bacterium were identified and long before penicillin was discovered. Homœopaths routinely report successful treatment of conditions which are the result of infection by staphylococcus or streptococcus bacteria, eg. tooth abscesses, tonsillitis, middle ear infections, bronchitis, food poisoning etc., as well as the usual epidemic illnesses like influenza and childhood illnesses like measles, mumps and so on. There are a wide variety of
homœopathic medicines available to treat acute illnesses like these. The homœopathic remedy helps the person to recover quickly and without complications.

Regarding the larger picture, one begins to see why poor farming practice and environmental pollution results in sickly soil and plants that are too weak to resist attack. Short term strategy has been to spray on more and more toxic chemicals (herbicides, insecticides and fertilisers). It doesn’t work in the long term. It results in ‘super-weeds’ that adapt to resist the onslaught and the loss of many beneficial insects with long term effects we don’t yet know.

Some supportive measures for good health we can use in food form are, e.g. raw garlic, vitamin C in the form of limes, oranges, berries etc. and apple cider vinegar (a teaspoonful or two diluted in water as a drink). Organic plain yogurt is supportive of bowel flora too. Basic hygiene is of course also strongly recommended.

“Introduction to Homoeopathy” course is being arranged for September/October.

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This is an enjoyable and interesting course which will teach you the basics about homoeopathy as well as giving you the know-how to treat yourself and your family at home with a range of homœopathic remedies. Starting on safe ground with remedies for first aid help for common accidents; falls, bumps and bruises, burns, broken bones, insect and animal bites, what to do before and after hospital care, is simple and easy when you know how.

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